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Video | Liberal media forced to cover the Bidinflation

Even MSNBC is forced to create drama around today’s news that inflation rose at an annualized 7.5% rate in January, another 40-year record.

You cannot be in business in the press unless you cover news that affects all Americans and show you care about it, and inflation affects everyone from the poor to the upper-middle class.

Inflation is the worst thing for President Biden and Democrats, who are in power, but the press has its hands tied. And if you look at the graph presented in the video, it is so obvious that this began right after Biden took office.

Worth pointing out, though, that MSNBC’s Chris Jansing, who speaks in the video, is a fair journalist.

Biden is lucky in his enemies, because Republicans prevented him from passing massive spending bills that could have brought us double-digit inflation.

Which still might be coming.

One funny note. The spellcheck used in creating this doesn’t try to correct Bidinflation! It’s a thing.

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  1. Wage increase has only gone up 5.7%. 10 year Treasury went up over 2% today. Fed member think the intrest rate should increased by 1% by July.

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