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Jill Biden helped muck up the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal

If this were Melania, there would be a full congressional investigation into whom she tried to use her influence to get out of Afghanistan.

And then may an effort to impeach her!

According to Fox News:

An admiral for the U.S. Navy claimed “high-profile” requests, including one from first lady Jill Biden, caused disruption to overall Afghanistan evacuation efforts last year.

Rear Adm. Peter Vasely, who serves as a special assistant to the Director of the Navy Staff, said incessant calls for help during the efforts to get Americans out of the now-Taliban-controlled country caused a “distraction” and “created competition for already stressed resources.”

Vasley’s remarks, stemming from a late September interview, came in a story by the Washington Post, which obtained a 2,000-page report from the probe of the 17-day operation out of Kabul.

“That’s accurate,” ​Vasley said when asked in sworn testimony for the report whether Pope Francis and First Lady Jill Biden intervened in evacuation efforts to request help on behalf of others.

“I was being contacted by representatives from the Holy See to assist the Italian military contingent … in getting through groups … of special interest to the Vatican,” he said. “That is just one of many examples.​”​

“I cannot stress enough​ ​how these high-profile requests ate up bandwidth and created competition for already stressed resources​,” Vasley added.

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  1. Lots of questions for everyone at the top of the government food chain! No one is exempt from blame for what happened.

    Oh well I guess the media will play up the super bowl and the majority of people will move on and forget what should have been an impeachable offense.

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