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Hillary Clinton expected to make a political appearance

We will never be rid of the Clintons. So many times, from the Gennifer Flowers scandal when they first appeared in 1992, we have almost seen the end of them. But no. They keep coming back.

According to CNBC:

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is expected to speak at next week’s New York State Democratic Party Convention, according to people familiar with the matter.

Clinton, who previously represented New York in the U.S. Senate, is likely to take the stage in front of party leaders at the Sheraton hotel in Times Square, these people said.

The development comes as Clinton, who also was secretary of State during the first half of President Barack Obama’s administration, works to maintain relevance in a party that could be headed for defeat in this year’s midterm elections.

It may also stoke speculation about a potential new Clinton bid for elected office.

2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton expected to make a political appearance”

  1. Shrillary needs to just fade away and be a grandmother to her three grandchildren, but knowing her, she won’t. Will she have to be thrown into a van again? Will she be incoherent at times? It’s hard to believe she’s in better health now than she was in 2016.

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