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White House denies Biden told Zelensky Kyiv would be ‘sacked’

The Washington Examiner writes:

The White House denied a claim that President Joe Biden had an uncomfortable phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in which he said Kyiv could soon be “sacked” in an invasion by Russian military forces.

Emily Horne, a National Security Council spokeswoman, tweeted a dismissal of CNN’s reporting on his conversation, which cited a source who also insisted Biden told Zelensky a Russian invasion of Ukraine was now virtually certain once the ground freezes and to ‚Äúprepare for impact.”

“This is not true,” Horne said in response to a tweet from a CNN reporter who credited the sourcing to a “senior” Ukrainian official. “President Biden said that there is a distinct possibility that the Russians could invade Ukraine in February,” Horne added . . .

Republicans in Congress reacted to the dispute by calling for the release of the transcript, drawing comparisons to demands made by Biden and his allies in 2019 to release a transcript of a call between then-President Donald Trump and Zelensky that became the impetus for impeachment.

3 thoughts on “White House denies Biden told Zelensky Kyiv would be ‘sacked’”

  1. Biden is tiptoeing a fine line with all the dark deals with his useless son and The Ukraine. The one who knows the secrets is the one controlling Biden and the safety of the entire free world. It is sickening.

    The other obvious aspect is how much more Biden (supposedly) cares about The Ukraine’s borders compared to the borders he has sworn to protect.

    What is it Joe, do borders exist or not?

    I only hope some of the dirt comes to light.

  2. I am watching France 24 this afternoon. They report the President of Ukraine is telling his allies “Don’t panic about the Russian Build up.” Ukraine has 150,000 active combat troops but I doubt they are more match aganist tanks.

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