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Pittsburgh bridge collapses hours before Biden to arrive to discuss infrastructure

You can’t make this stuff up, as they say.

According to USA Today:

President Joe Biden will travel to Pittsburgh on Friday to promote a bipartisan law aimed at shoring up the nation’s infrastructure network as rescue efforts were underway following a bridge collapse in the city.

The White House said Friday that Biden’s planned stop in Pittsburgh would proceed as planned. He is scheduled to speak hours after a two-lane bridge collapsed around 6 a.m., leaving a bus dangling on what remained of the span.

The Associated Press reported Friday rescuers had to rappel nearly 150 feet and formed a human chain to retrieve people who were left on the bus. As of Friday morning, only minor injuries were reported.

Pittsburgh bridge collapse:10 people injured, 3 taken to hospital after snow-covered bridge collapses in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Chief Darryl Jones said three or four vehicles were involved in the collapse and there were 10 minor injuries with three people brought to the hospital. None of the injuries were life-threatening, Jones said.

7 thoughts on “Pittsburgh bridge collapses hours before Biden to arrive to discuss infrastructure”

  1. Why doesn’t someone tell Joe he can’t have any infrastructure money because he spends it all on relocating illegals around the US?

  2. This must have been one of Obama’s “shovel ready” jobs.
    Truth: Our northern states have been salting roads and bridges into weak structures and pot filled roads for decades without fixing or replacing any of them.
    Before the Dems start shoveling money to the states, a concerted and thorough inspection of all the bridges should be done, ASAP. The heavily traveled should be priority number one, and if a rural bridge is ‘shaky’, it should be closed to traffic to avoid another collapse.
    ot: I know where this bridge is located. If it had been closed or demolished, our Army Corp of Engineers could have constructed a working safe bridge in less than a week.

    1. From my experience driving through Pennsylvania they tend not to salt roads, but puts ash on it.. Making for an equally slippery and ugly mess.

      You statement about salt on the road is true for many northern states – like in NY where I live.

      Back in the 70s when I lived in Minnesota, they never used road salt because salt doesn’t work once it is 10 degrees or colder. So in MN they used sand.

  3. Someone should have put a big “Biden/Harris” sign on that bus, it would have been appropriate. Let’s go Brandon! Truck Frudeau!

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