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White House to move quickly on replacement for Justice Breyer

According to the Washington Post:

The White House is planning a fast, aggressive effort to nominate the first Black woman to the Supreme Court by the end of February and confirm her swiftly thereafter, reflecting the high stakes of the campaign and the pressure to move quickly in today’s polarized environment.

Appearing with retiring Justice Stephen G. Breyer at the White House, President Biden on Thursday renewed his pledge to put a Black woman on the high court, saying, “It’s long overdue” and adding, “I will nominate a historic candidate, someone who is worthy of Justice Breyer’s legacy.”

Breyer’s retirement was expected, though the timing was uncertain, and officials said the search for a replacement was already underway. Biden has been reviewing the biographies of potential nominees for at least a month, and aides have been in touch with outside groups that are assembling lists of prospective picks.

Vice President Harris — the first woman of color to occupy her position — will be central to the process of selecting the nominee, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said. A small group, including White House chief of staff Ron Klain and counsel Dana Remus, will also give the president guidance, and outside advisers are likely to be brought in before the nomination to help shepherd it through the Senate.

5 thoughts on “White House to move quickly on replacement for Justice Breyer”

  1. Comment 1 – Senate should have at least one member of the Democrat party that stands up and says – This is important — do a search for the best candidate without regard to color of skin (oh maybe quote some famous person about content of character vs color of skin)

    Comment 2 – in reference to article (junior high level thoughts) – Joe Biden will want to consult with top level hair care companies to find the candidate with the best smelling hair… cuz Joe be Joe

  2. Biden Agenda
    Fix the border crisis, take your time.
    Fix supply chain, no urgency.
    Fix Inflation. naw
    Fix Unemployment debacle. Why, we like dependent folks.

    But Breyer stepping down? Holy Mary of God, get me thy candidates!!! Pronto.

  3. Someone should send an inquiry to Mr. Biden asking for consideration for the post and then when it goes to a person chosen in part based on race and gender (there are two of them btw)… the person can sue and bring the case to the Supreme Court.

    If you told me back in college that our nation would be discriminating like that I would laugh… This would be an episode of West Wing where the (acting) president would harken to Dr. King and appoint the best person.

    One of many easy to see items…

  4. Line up all the candidates, and arrange them from darkest to lightest. Choose the darkest. Then line them up in order of apparent female traits. Check the genitalia because you never know lately. Choose the most female. Then lecture me again on how I’m a racist just because I was born white and how I discriminate based on gender.

    WTF is wrong with people? How is this acceptable for anybody, left or right???

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