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Biden’s crashing poll numbers driven by Democratic desertions

President Biden will be facing increased pressure to quit if he can’t get support from within his own party. Then the 2024 Democratic primary will be another free-for-all.

It seems that Democrats don’t like inflation either.

According to the Washington Times:

President Biden‘s handling of the pandemic and the economy is costing him support even among his base, according to a survey released Tuesday by Pew Research Center.

The president’s job approval rating of 41% is down 3% overall since September, but support among Democrats and Democratic Party-leaning voters is falling even faster: Mr. Biden is down 7% among that group over the same period.

The report found that 68% of Democrats still give the president high marks, but that is down from 75% in September and 88% in July.

Just 29% of Democrats expressed satisfaction with the state of the nation, down 18% since March.

3 thoughts on “Biden’s crashing poll numbers driven by Democratic desertions”

  1. Can hardly wait to see what the next several months will bring. It is hard to see how Biden can recover from the self-inflicted wounds of the past year.

  2. Just how stupid does one have to be in order to be a demorat? Is there a special test? It is beyond belief that anyone could think that Q-Tip head is doing a good job.

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