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Video | Biden hating on the press

President Biden called Fox News report Peter Doocy a son of a bitch Monday, but it’s not the first time he’s gotten snippy with reporters.

The RNC has, likely with great pleasure, done a good job compiling this selection of Angry Joe outbursts at the press.

7 thoughts on “Video | Biden hating on the press”

  1. Joe Biden has always been a nasty, arrogant person (I had to censor myself there, I usually call him another word starting with “p”).

    Greg Kelly does a good job on NewsMax of showing the old clips from the 80’s of lying, fraudulent Joe being so nasty with the press even while spouting so many lies about his education and his alleged intelligence. He’s always been a dopey, unimpressive, rude jackass. Now, he’s senile on top of that. I’m looking forward to a lot more outbursts.

  2. What is being ignored by the press is what biden said prior to insulting Doocy. Biden said in a low voice “inflation is good, it’s an asset” and then he proceeded to curse Doocy. Biden has expressed his thoughts of inflation before; he sees nothing wrong with it. This, in my opinion, should make the headlines and should really be emphasized especially by conservative networks but sadly they are not. We, as American citizens, should be really concerned about this view of inflation by this so-called president of the United States.

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