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Biden mourns death of second NYC cop, laments ‘gun violence

Look at this. President Biden is suggesting he is on the side of the police, two of whom have now died as the result of being attacked by some animal. And what he wants to fight is “gun violence.”

Police aren’t trying to reduce the availability of guns particularly. They fight crime. They fight criminals, who are running rampant under Democratic mayors and in the wake of the defund the police movement.

What about fighting to end the scourge of crime, Mr. Biden? Do those guns work themselves?

5 thoughts on “Biden mourns death of second NYC cop, laments ‘gun violence”

  1. First thing, someone ask the President today what the name of the NYPD officer is. He will not know because he never produced this tweet.

    Guns do kill people, but only when in the hands of criminals. Take the guns AND the animals off the street. Today I heard on WOR Radio/ NYC, a NY State Senator, Lopez?, who went on and on about removing guns, etc. But when confronted about the person, the criminal, the animal, she said too many issues are mental health and should be treated that way. She said we need to address mental health and yes, that is 100% true. But releasing these people back into society and hoping that mental health counseling will fix it, that is a dream, a bad dream. Mental health is a huge issue in America, but we cannot sacrifice the safety of our society by excusing criminal behavior on mental health condition. Its a very harsh reality that many politicians and judges have yet to accept.

  2. If Biden called Wilbert Mora’s widow, I’m sure he brought up Beau, as is his wont.
    It’s all about Joe.

    Biden just couldn’t put a period at the end of the first phrase in the second paragraph. He had to conclude the sentence by blaming everyday Americans who support the second amendment.

  3. It’s not the gun, it’s the scumbag holding it. Unfortunately there seems to be no shortage of scumbags and no willingness by the demorat DA’s, judges, mayors, etc to do anything about it.

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