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No respect: Biden’s weakness makes Putin feel free to act

This is part of an article I have running on the Fox News website.

From the Fox News piece:

It is not by chance that Putin chose Joe Biden’s presidency as a window of opportunity to consummate his imperial ambitions and secure his legacy as a mighty leader. The Russians have profiled President Biden as unable to mount a serious challenge to Putin and Russia’s aggressive foreign policy . . .

Biden’s inept policies and his infirmity as a leader have convinced Putin that he can run circles around the US commander in chief. What the Russians see in Biden is a deteriorating decision-making ability, a naïve predisposition for friendly relations with Russia, and compromising links between Russian oligarchs and Biden’s son Hunter.

On Biden’s inauguration day, the Russian language version of Forbes magazine ran a profile of the new US president. The author reminded that it was Vice President Biden, under the Obama Administration, who initiated efforts to establish working relations with Russia, having dispatched Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to Moscow with a mistranslated “reset” button.

The profile cited a 2009 New York Times article which concluded that Biden’s tone during a speech at a security conference was more conciliatory than the Bush administration’s with regard to Russia.

3 thoughts on “No respect: Biden’s weakness makes Putin feel free to act”

  1. If I had to lay money on who is the more competent leader, I would take Putin over Slo Joe every time. Putin’s track record runs rings around Slo Joe and his Ho. Pretty sad thing to say about the leader of your own country.

  2. Great, now we’re restarting the cold war. Has anyone noticed that the entire left, the ones not blatantly evil, are naive and stupid? Putin has…

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