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Biden offers maudlin praise for Kamala Harris

This was posted by the DNC, which actually thinks it’s great.

“You’re the best partner I could imagine,” President Biden tells his VP. “I love you.”

Give us break, please.

3 thoughts on “Biden offers maudlin praise for Kamala Harris”

  1. I agree with Monica Crowley. Biden is going to turf Kamala to Breyers soon to be empty supreme court seat, and then bring in Hillary Clinton as his number 2 since she so experienced riding her husband’s coattails.

  2. And is telling a female business partner I love you a bit sexist?
    Follow me: If Trump told Pence ( publicly) that he loved him, the press would go wild. And most likely it would never happen

    But why not? I have some very close bud friends and there are times we say we love each other, totally without shame or discomfort. But for most of America, seeing a male leader tell a female co worker he loves them, well, you know…

    Here is the test: If Trump had a female VP, and said the same thing, think of the reaction.

    Maybe its me.


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