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Rove rips apart Biden’s ‘Jim Crow 2.0’ smear

President Biden traveled to Georgia the other day to accuse Republicans of racism and attempting to reintroduce the Confederacy because of election integrity laws.

But as Karl Rove shows, the election law in Georgia is in some ways less strict than that of New York and in no way a revival of any kind of systematic racism.

It’s a horrendous, divisive charge, and Biden should be getting roundly criticized by the media. Of course, that’s not happening.

Rove points out key measures in the Georgia law and notes the provisions are widespread. Here is what supposedly equates to Jim Crow:

[A] New state law that prohibits local officials and private groups from mailing unsolicited absentee-ballot applications . . .

The state’s new law requires every county to provide a box (with additional ones for every 100,000 citizens), standardizes the hours during which they can be used, and requires boxes to be continually monitored . . .

Mr. Biden then railed against the Georgia law prohibiting groups from providing food and beverages to voters within 150 feet of a polling location. “That’s not America!” the president exclaimed. Actually, it is. Almost every state has similar provisions forbidding electioneering near polling places. It’s banned within 50 feet in Mr. Biden’s Delaware and 100 feet in California, Illinois, New Jersey and New York. Was it the extra 50 or 100 feet that caused the president to label Georgia a hotbed of Jim Crow 2.0 “election subversion”?

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  1. I can never take Karl Rove or George Bush seriously again. Biden got elected because of their silent support. Trump’s agenda was solid, but they let their hatred of him surpass their love of the United States. How’d that work out guys?

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