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Yellen says the economy ‘never worked fairly’ for blacks or anyone ‘of color’

Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen graciously appeared at an event staged by Al Sharpton’s outfit, the National Action Network.

She said:

From Reconstruction, to Jim Crow, to the present day, our economy has never worked fairly for Black Americans – or, really, for any American of color.

5 thoughts on “Yellen says the economy ‘never worked fairly’ for blacks or anyone ‘of color’”

  1. Huh. Not for Madam C.J. Walker? Not for Oprah Winfrey? The scores of rich black athletes from the NBA & NFL? Not for Robert Johnson? Nor Barack and Michelle Obama? Vernon Jordan? Jay-Z and Beyonce? David Steward? Robert F. Smith?
    On the Latino side….Jorge Perez, Jordi Munoz, Carlos Castro (all successful businessmen). Entertainment – George Lopez, J-Lo? Jessica Alba? Tons of others…

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