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Video | Biden uses MLK Day speech to accuse Republicans of subverting democracy

President Biden Monday continued with his theme that Republicans oppose democracy, calling Republican election integrity laws in various states an “attack on our democracy.”

This despite that he no longer needs to campaign for his favored election bills in Congress, which aren’t going to pass the Senate.

Biden, without apparent irony, noted Dr. King’s “promise that holds that we’re all created equal and deserve to be treated equally throughout our lives.”

Now, how does this square with Biden leading the charge on identity politics? Demanding certain rights and benefits because of your race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and so forth is, by definition, not being treated equally.

3 thoughts on “Video | Biden uses MLK Day speech to accuse Republicans of subverting democracy”

  1. The Democratic party and federal bureaucracy, which call the shots for Biden, are racists and sexists. It’s time we call them out on it, demanding the systemic racism/sexism in this country (mainly against whites and males) be dismantled.

  2. Memo to Biden and all Dems:
    OK, we’re racists, now move on to fix the economy. Open those pipelines, forget the virus mandated stuff, open our schools, and most of all quit whining.
    We have hit the end of tolerance for all the Dem tweaking our everything until we’re all miserable.
    Stop testing people unless they actually are ill. Masks don’t work. The vaccine is useless and dangerous.

    So. Our “democracy” is working just fine. You’ll see the majority electors later this year hard at work marking ‘x’s and filling in boxes with ink.
    Truly American,
    The public.

    1. SRDEM. this is so well said, thanks. As James Carville said this week, stop the whining. Jeezaloo, they got control of the ship, full control and in year one, what did they accomplish? Zilch. Mismanagement, poor decision making, relaxing laws that kept us safe, energy policy in reverse, clueless statements that are fact less,, deterioration of public and international image.

      I have some wonderful Dem friends. Recently I am asking them, so what is it about this guy, this administration, that has you so enthused?

      Its like they were in the express lane at the supermarket and decided, naw, lets move over to the lane with three full carts ahead of me…yeah, that ‘s better.


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