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Biden Schedule | Friday, January 15, 2022

10:00 am || Receives the President’s Daily Brief
12:30 pm || Make remarks on infrastructure; South Court Auditorium
6:00 pm || Departs White House
6:55 pm || Arrives Wilmington, Delaware

All times Eastern
Live stream of Psaki briefing at 11:45 am


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8 thoughts on “Biden Schedule | Friday, January 15, 2022”

    1. So right Celtic Queen…. Imagine if you get up and you need to do is make some nonsensical remarks, then hop a copter to your beach house.
      As Mel Brooks once chimed..” It’s good to be the King.”


  1. Also, is any one out there curious about the Presidential tv set? Not the tube, the stage set.

    Why not use the Oval office?
    Why was it built?
    And most importantly, where is it?
    At the WH, Camp David, Delaware?
    Something is up with this…


    1. It’s across the street from the White House. Biden didn’t build it, but I think he uses it more than any other POTUS has done. Speculation is that he uses it due to the set up that allows him to avoid using teleprompters which would be reflected in the video.

      1. Exactly! The need to hide senile Biden’s teleprompter & font size used.

        Also has anyone else noticed how “controlled” the cameras are around senile Biden…they no longer show ‘live’ Biden walking to Marine One helicopter. Why is that?

        I have a dozen questions I would like to ask an ‘honest’ member (Peter Doocy of FNC ?) of this weak, cowardly “WH Press Corps” about rules they must obey when reporting on the Biden regime

  2. Think the worst part is the tiny kindergarten desk. If you want to diminish authority and power, put him behind that desk. Makes you wonder if his handlers aren’t setting him up to fail … stranger things have happened. “Harris-Buttigieg 2024” … Joe would sit on a toilet seat if his handlers told him to.

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