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Video | Biden’s demagoguery and McConnells response

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is often derided by conservatives as a political operator lacking any particular principles.

But Wednesday, he delivered a passionate yet highly coherent rebuttal to President Biden’s attempt to divide the nation in a Tuesday speech in which the president called opponents of his election overhaul bills anti-Democratic, bigoted traitors who prefer Jefferson Davis to Abraham Lincoln.

5 thoughts on “Video | Biden’s demagoguery and McConnells response”

  1. So McConnell is just figuring this out now?? We all knew Biden was like this . . . he’s been a lying, partisan hack his entire political career. Did McConnell forget when during the 2012 campaign Biden warned black voters that Republicans wanted to put them back in chains? Where was he then?

    Too late now, Mitch — you’re part of the reason why Biden is president. Own it.

    1. 100%. For the good that McConnell has done (and may continue to do re: the judiciary), he has serious, serious flaws that have hurt this country.

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