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MSM decides Biden is always late because he’s a hard-working family man

Leave it to the MSM to take an obvious flaw by a Democratic president and turn it into something wonderful.

Biden is always late. He was two and a half hours late for an event in Switzerland. Fox News calculated that he’s an average of 22 minutes late per event.

But Politico has discovered why:

Biden is a notorious “over-prepper,” sources say. His meetings to help him prepare for other meetings or remarks can take an hour or more. Often joined by communications director KATE BEDINGFIELD or press secretary JEN PSAKI and subject area experts, Biden will go into Socratic seminar mode–pushing and prodding those briefing him with follow-up question after follow-up question. Sometimes the follow-ups then require another meeting before a decision can be made. And he is known to tinker with speeches up to the last moment.

He’s late because he’s like Socrates! Sources say. Who are those sources? Biden aides spinning his lateness, no doubt.

Politico continues its investigation:

Biden has also been known to get held up thanks to his personal rule to almost always take any call he gets from a family member—a habit cemented after members of his family died. He’s in such constant communication with relatives that one of his granddaughters, NAOMI, recently tweeted that she had missed calls from the commander in chief.

How about this possibility? He’s late for the reason most consistently tardy people are late. Lack of discipline.

10 thoughts on “MSM decides Biden is always late because he’s a hard-working family man”

  1. Sad to say, he is a feeble old man, way past his prime, who cannot keep up with the rigors of being President. This is not personal or political. His cadence, his complete lack of awareness, his inability to focus…. It happens to many and it’s just sad and pathetic. Yesterday, sitting at his little Joey Biden desk, staring out at the reporters as they pummeled him with questions, not even recognizing any of them or attempting to reply, he was the image that no American wants to see in their leader.

    Then he gazes off to stage left for help, presumably unable to make the decision of if he was to get out of the chair or not. It was pitiful

    Sorry to say all this, but it is just so obvious.

  2. Per Political: Always taking family calls is “a habit cemented after members of his family died.”

    Biden has used the tragedy of death again, again, and again — now to justify being late.

    Read Miranda Divine’s book. Joe has used his personal tragedy, almost on a daily basis, to elicit care and concern from others, and thus propel his career. His Dorian Gray painting must be unviewable.

  3. What a load of crap from Politico. So unbelievable. You know, the problem for the leftists is that they have seriously overplayed their hand. Now that the genie is out of the bottle (so to speak), they can’t put the genie back. The American people understand now that 1) the left wants total power and control, at the expense of their freedom and liberty; 2) Biden is a feeble old man who has no business being President; 3) Those who put him in power are complicit in the downfall of America.

  4. Biden uses the “Socratic method” to prepare for questions..???!!!


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