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House Republicans probing historically low ICE arrests

The Biden administration is changing the rules so it doesn’t have to go after illegal immigrants.

Of course! Why would they want to export so many future Democratic voters?

According to the Washington Times:

Republicans on the House Oversight and Reform Committee are probing the “historically low” rate of arrests of illegal immigrants by ICE, saying it appears the Biden administration, unwilling to abolish the agency outright, is instead paring it down through policy memos . . .

In a late-September memo, (DHS Secretary) Mayorkas declared that being in the country illegally is no longer sufficient grounds for arrest or deportation. Agents and officers must justify arrests by studying their targets and balancing criminal records against “mitigating” factors such as ties to the country or hardship they or their family might face if they are deported.

That policy replaced a February memo from (acting Director Tae D.)  Johnson at ICE that included similar restrictions on enforcement.

Mr. Mayorkas released a second policy in October limiting where enforcement can take place. That memo says agents and officers should not take action around schools, day care centers, bus stops, clinics, parks, churches, social services offices and anywhere children might congregate or illegal immigrants might go to seek assistance.

The Washington Times analyzed those rules for the District of Columbia and found that they put most of the city off-limits for enforcement.

2 thoughts on “House Republicans probing historically low ICE arrests”

  1. Democrats are worried that illegal immigrants will suffer “hardship they or their family might face if they are deported”? What a shame!
    What about American citizens who will be suffering hardship because of the millions of illegal immigrants pouring into the country?

  2. When the Republicans take over, they absolutely must have hearings into Mayorkas and Biden’s dereliction of duty and refusal to enforce existing immigration laws. Impeachment, baby – ain’t karma a bitch?

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