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Video | Biden seems to suggest he was arrested for civil rights activism

He wasn’t much of a civil rights activist, and he wasn’t arrested either, as far as anyone knows.

5 thoughts on “Video | Biden seems to suggest he was arrested for civil rights activism”

  1. If Saturday Night Live still was relevant, they would enlist Jon Lovitz “The Liar” to play Biden.
    “Yeah, I was arrested many times in racial protests … yeah, that was when I was driving that eighteen wheeler … yeah, and then I cured Covid … and filled all the empty shelves in grocery stores and made Christmas happen … Yeah, and then I killed inflation … and married Morgan Fairchild.”

  2. The fabulist goes on and on, and since no one in the MSM calls him to account, it becomes truth in the fabulist’s mind. Repeat something a lie often enough and “actual” memories kick in.

  3. Its wonderful to hear old storytellers weave a yarn of embellished bullspit about the days gone by… sort of cute and amusing for the listeners.

    Until you realize he is the President and he means it.


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