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Biden compares Republicans to Jefferson Davis

It’s all part of his plan to unite America.

“So I ask every elected official in America, how do you want to be remembered?” Biden said during remarks in Atlanta supporting two bills that would revamp election law and strengthen the federal role. “Do you want to be on the side of Dr. King or George Wallace? Do you want to be on the side of John Lewis or Bull Connor? Do you want to be on the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?”

Davis, Connor, and Wallace were all Democrats, btw.

Biden also suggested opposing the bills was un-American. Which is supposed to be the kind of criticism liberals hate.

2 thoughts on “Biden compares Republicans to Jefferson Davis”

  1. So he’s claiming if you support voter ID laws or oppose ballot harvesting, you’re morally equivalent to segregationists or people who beat and abused minorities during Jim Crow.

  2. Jefferson Davis, George Wallace, and Bull Conner? Good grief. Most people under 40 don’t even know who George Wallace and Bull Conner are.

    Does Biden really think the United State of America hasn’t evolved since the civil war and the civil rights movement? It’s insulting to everyone who suffered and died in the civil war and to those who risked their lives and died during the civil rights movement, along with ALL those who suffered in between these two momentous periods of time in our history.

    When the MSM doesn’t call Biden out on this ridiculousness they are You_Know_What.

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