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Kamala Harris invokes Jimmy Carter’s ‘malaise’ speech

Another unforced error made as Vice President Harris tries to restore her image.

“I fully appreciate, there is a level of malaise,” she said, referring to the ongoing slog through the Covid pandemic that President Biden failed to make go away.

She’s old enough to be aware that one of Jimmy Carter’s worst moments was his famous “malaise” speech.

Carter, who would soon be succeeded by the sunny Ronald Reagan, reminded everyone how terrible everthing was. He never actually used the word “malaise,” saying instead that the nation was suffering a “crisis of confidence.” But it came to be known as the “malaise” speech.


7 thoughts on “Kamala Harris invokes Jimmy Carter’s ‘malaise’ speech”

  1. Showing empathy for those who suffer is admirable.
    Disregarding your obligation to those same folks is reprehensible.

    As my kids used to say…. “Say it like you mean it!”


  2. Poor Kamala, she keeps stepping on that proverbial upside down garden rake. Kind of like the Sideshow Bob character from The Simpsons. How she surpassed her level of competency is a mystery.

  3. Kamala was clueless of the ‘malaise’ — during the Carter years she was around 12-17 years old – living in Quebec Canada with her mother. Doubt she was aware.

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