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Video | Biden fails to deliver on Covid: NBC News

Yes, NBC News. Even they have to cover this.

Joe Biden promised to beat Covid. It’s arguably worse than ever. He promised testing kits early this month. It will be late this month at the earliest.

And yet, he’s blaming you: “There’s no excuse for anyone being unvaccinated.”

4 thoughts on “Video | Biden fails to deliver on Covid: NBC News”

  1. I love the way he lies and is still claiming Covid is a virus of the unvaccinated when so many triple vaccinated people are getting Covid, including the Secretary of Defense, WH staffers, Representatives, Senators, and their aides.

    Also, enough of the lectures Joe. How dare he say there’s no excuse for someone to be unvaccinated. Yes there is, including medical issues or already being infected with Covid. Regardless, we’re not children who answer to him and need an “excuse”.

    What there is no excuse for is Biden’s failure to have ordered testing last spring, especially after the Dems passed their $1.9 trillion Covid bill. Billions of dollars were allocated toward testing, so what the heck happened to that money?

    There’s also no excuse for his failure to have ordered testing last fall and to have been prepared for a winter surge of the virus, along with demand for testing over the holidays. The reason they dropped the issue of testing is because they believed tests wouldn’t be necessary because once the vaccines were rolled out to everyone Covid would be over. It didn’t quite work out that way, though. It’s not as easy as Basement Joe thought it would be.

    He has no excuse for being so behind with the testing and scrambling only after the huge delays began the week before Christmas. Just wait until his promises of 500 million tests in January and anyone who wants one can order a test on the yet to be developed website totally fail this month. People will be frustrated and angry, and the lame stream media will be forced to admit what a failure he is.

  2. Biden is so over-the-top obsessed on this unvaccinated mantra causing ALL ills, I’m starting to wonder if he has a financial stake in Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J through his family members. It’s just weird.

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