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Happy New Year!

White House Dossier is taking a few days off for the New Year’s holiday. It will return on Monday, January 3.

Thank you so much for reading this year. Have a very Happy New Year!

See you soon.

Rebekah and Keith

9 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. A well-earned few days off, Rebekah; you’ve earned it. Thank you so much for all your hard work with the Dossier and with Cut to the News and all the other work you are doing on behalf of our great nation.

    So, here’s wishing you, Keith, your family and all the Dossier readers absolutely all the best in the new year and in all coming years. With God’s help, things in our country will work out for the good of all. Keep the faith.

    1. I echo JG’s words.

      Happy New Year to Rebekah, Keith and your family. Thank you for keeping all of your readers so well informed.

  2. Happy New Year to you and Keith! Thanks for doing a great job taking over the helm of the White House Dossier when Keith moved on to other writing opportunities. I read your site every day.

  3. Best wishes for a very Happy New Year, Rebekah and Keith, and for all the intelligent and often funny people who post here! Let’s hope that 2022 brings us all a better year than 2021.

  4. Happy New Year Rebekah, Keith, and all the WHD readers! May it be filled with happiness, peace, and good health.

    (I’m trying my darn best to stop thinking, “three more years to go”)

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