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Flashback | Biden says he and Obama do not support gay marriage

This was just nine years ago.

Listen to how definitive vice presidential candidate Joe Biden is that neither he nor Barack Obama supports gay marriage.

It’s so obvious in retrospect that this could not have been true, given they both flip-flopped just a few years later.

So what is he saying today that will change in a couple of years?

4 thoughts on “Flashback | Biden says he and Obama do not support gay marriage”

  1. Putting aside the words themselves, JB looks healthy. in control of his thoughts and words, vibrant and in charge.
    9 years later, he is a shell of that man, barely a vessel to be used by his party to forge a path that he himself does not comprehend.


  2. Didn’t Obama just explain it away by saying he “evolved?” Biden can do the same thing and no one in the press will ever challenge it. The Dems are never held accountable for their past words and deeds.

  3. As I recall, it was a few short days after one of obama’s multiple times stating that he believed marriage was between one man, and one woman, that ole just joe opened pandoras box with his vocal support of same sex marriage. Make no mistake about if though, bydumb has been a dope for decades.

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