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Greta Thunberg lectures Biden, the United States

This is one way to get even conservatives to sympathize with President Biden.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Greta Thunberg decided Biden and the United States are coming up short, in her teenage estimation.

“I mean, it’s strange that people think of Joe Biden as a leader for the climate when you see what his administration is doing.,” she said. “The U.S. is actually expanding fossil fuel infrastructure. Why is the U.S. doing that? It should not fall on us activists and teenagers who just want to go to school to raise this awareness and to inform people that we are actually facing an emergency.”

Earlier this year, Thunberg criticized the administration for not treating climate change like the problem of all problems.

“They have said themselves that this is an existential threat, and they’d better treat it accordingly, which they are not,” she said. “They are just treating the climate crisis as it were a political topic among other topics.”

4 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg lectures Biden, the United States”

  1. Greta Thunberg…she is one really messed up kid.
    She really needs some psychological help for wasting her young life on all this melodramatic, phony “climate change” crap.

    So Sad :-|

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