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Biden Schedule n| Wednesday, December 29, 2021

5:00 pm || Departs Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
6:50 pm || Arrives Wilmington, Delaware

All times Eastern


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4 thoughts on “Biden Schedule n| Wednesday, December 29, 2021”

  1. Wilmington, 7pm…..what is that… dinner with the wife?
    And drive time from the beach to Wilmington is 1:40hrs.
    So is he driving? He took AF1 yesterday from DC to the beach, uh, I don’t get it.


    1. senile Biden takes ‘Marine One’ helicopter (with identical 2 decoy USMC helicopters in formation) from the beach to Wilmington.

      I live in north Delaware so I have seen senile Biden fly home on Marine One (with decoys) most weekends.

    2. BTW “Harv”….senile Biden DID NOT take ‘Air Force 1’ to Rehoboth Beach yesterday.

      Rebekah did not write that post correctly yesterday.

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