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Biden goes to Delaware on luxury plane known as Air Force One, 31st trip to the state

That’s a lot of trips.

President Biden Monday traveled to his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, his 31st trip to the state as president, according to the New York Post.

Does he know that he’s not taking Amtrak back to Delaware anymore, but the extraordinarily expensive taxpayer-funded Air Force One?

It costs roughly $200,000 an hour to fly Air Force One — or at least it did a few years ago — and it’s about an hour roundtrip from the Washington DC area to Delaware. We could be talking roughly $6 million this year for the flights alone — not including many other large expenses — just for President Biden to spend weekends in Delaware,

Does he know he has a large, taxpayer-funded home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue where he can comfortably spend his weekends?

A where is the press that raised such a fuss when Donald Trump took a few trips to Mar-a-Lago?



6 thoughts on “Biden goes to Delaware on luxury plane known as Air Force One, 31st trip to the state”

  1. Isn’t there a small airplane he could use? Surely Air Force One should only be used for special occasions or large groups? Better still, he should fork out his own money if he’s spending almost every weekend in Delaware.

    1. Rebekah wrote/copied that headline incorrectly.

      senile Biden does not always use the 747 (a USAF VC-25 aka SAM 29000) know as “Air Force One”.
      I live in Delaware 10 minutes from New Castle Airport where senile Biden flies into IF he uses a USAF plane (aka “AF 1”)…very rarely on these 31 trips have I seen the 747.
      A few times senile Biden has flown to Delaware in a 757 (USAF C-32)

      Mostly senile Biden flies to Delaware on “Marine One” helicopters.
      Nowadays I check the ‘President Daily Schedule’ on here and within 20-30 minutes I will hear and spot the 3 USMC helicopters carrying senile Biden & staff.

  2. Even UBER would be less and considering the multitude that fly with him, taking UBER would be safer.

    But the real issue is that like most politicians who have been around for decades, they only value their own money, and spend ours like it is monopoly dollars.


  3. Any aircraft that has the president on board has the call sign Air Force 1. Doesn’t matter where it is the largest 747 or a smaller fixed wing. The helicopters are called Marine 1 when the president is on board.

    1. Most weekends senile Biden flies to his Wilmington, Delaware home on Marine One helicopter; with 2 similar decoy helicopters (VH-3D Sea King) in formation.
      They land at a Delaware state park parking lot down the road from his Wilmington home…and a NO FLY ZONE goes into effect over north Delaware & southwest Pennsylvania.

      Sometime after the 3 helicopters pass over, 2 MV-22 Osprey fly over carrying staff & support.

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