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Fauci: If grandpa isn’t vaccinated, disinvite him to Christmas

A Merry Christmas from the Biden administration!

5 thoughts on “Fauci: If grandpa isn’t vaccinated, disinvite him to Christmas”

  1. Rather than just accepting this, media should be pushing back — if everyone else is vaccinated, are they not protected? No? They why get vaccinated? Make Dr. F support his poor logic and even poor recommendations for public “health”.
    In my book, Grandpa should be vaccinated if he is of a certain age, UNLESS Grandpa already had the disease. If Grandpa has disease induced immunity, he is sitting prettier (and likely safer) than the rest of the people at the table!

  2. Why is this man walking free much less on a news channel spewing his ridiculous, unfounded advice?? Who could possibly still care what this man thinks??

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