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Video | Biden admits he should have ordered more test kits

Oops! Sorry.

3 thoughts on “Video | Biden admits he should have ordered more test kits”

  1. Pills, test kits, I ordered them… Well Joe, welcome to the supply chain fiasco..
    You built it, you own it.

    And that last line is his most honest since he put his hand on the bible:
    ” nothing has been good enough”.
    Which means: we have not done enough…or nothing IS good enough.

    Take your pick: me? I’ve had “enough”.

  2. The key question…..WHEN will the test kits actually be available, i.e., in people’s homes? I read elsewhere that the contract hasn’t even been signed yet!

  3. He says he wishes he had ordered 500 million tests two months ago, forgetting that he pledged to deliver 300 million tests three months ago.

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