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Manchin blames White House staff for breakdown in BBB talks

The average Democratic White House staff is young, Ivy League-educated – or something similar – and arrogant. These are not necessarily the people to be talking to a respected senior senator from West Virginia. They probably rubbed him the wrong way.

According to Reuters:

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin said on Monday that White House staff did “inexcusable” things that led to his decision to publicly reject President Joe Biden’s social and climate policy plan, a move that imperils the legislation.

Manchin made the comments during an interview on West Virginia MetroNews radio, after telling Fox News on Sunday he would not be able to vote for the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better bill.

Manchin said he would not say “the real reason” talks failed.

But when asked what that was, he said: “The bottom line is … it’s staff. It’s staff purely. … It’s not the president. It’s staff. And they drove some things and put some things out that were absolutely inexcusable.”

Manchin has “been frustrated by statements from the administration singling him out as an obstacle, according to a person familiar with his thinking who spoke on condition of anonymity,” Reuters wrote.

2 thoughts on “Manchin blames White House staff for breakdown in BBB talks”

  1. Funny how the left believes that you get more with salt than sugar.

    Joe Mancini Manchin showed them. How we would all love to know the full extent of the pressuring, the browbeating, intimidation and coercion.


  2. ……Its staff, not the president….yea right. He is backtracking, typical liberal, nothing but lies . Does he think we believe Biden doesn’t know what his staff is saying/demanding. Absurd.

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