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Biden will run for reelection . . . IF . . . ‘I’m in the health I’m in now’

President Biden in an interview with ABC News broadcast this evening punched a big hole in his promise to run for reelection, saying now that he’d only do so if he is as healthy as he is now.

That gives him pretty wide leeway not to run again.

5 thoughts on “Biden will run for reelection . . . IF . . . ‘I’m in the health I’m in now’”

  1. He was never fit for the job in the first place, neither physically nor mentally.

    He sort of contradicted himself when Muir asked about Trump running. First, Biden said running for a second term depends on his health, but when the Trump question was asked, he broke into his stupid joker grin and said don’t tempt me, that (Trump running) makes it even more likely I’ll run. So, which is it Joe? If your health is the determining factor, then you can’t say you’re more likely to run if Trump runs. It’s two different answers, doofus. Make up your (adled) mind.

  2. “If I’m in the health I am now.” LOL, he’s mentally deficient. His senility gets worse every with every passing day, just looking at him walk (shuffle) tells you all you need to know about the state of his health! Biden can no longer tell the difference between lies (Hunter is the smartest man I know), reality and make believe (“I operated a bus, a tractor, an 18 wheeler”). At the least he is a clown, and at the worst he’s a pawn in the pocket of China.

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