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White House reshuffles pet roster

The biting dog is out. Newly arrived are a German Shepherd puppy and a cat.

According to Fox News:

The first family is revamping its pet lineup, bringing in a new dog and cat while President Biden’s current dog is set to be rehomed.

The Bidens received a pure-bred German Shepherd Monday as a birthday gift from the president’s brother James Biden and sister-in-law Sara Biden, according to first lady Jill Biden’s office. The dog, which was born on Sept. 1, will go by the name Commander.

The Bidens’ current German Shepherd, Major, will be rehomed with family friends. The Bidens made the decision to move Major after consulting with dog trainers, animal behaviorists and veterinarians, who said the dog would benefit from a quieter environment.

Major has been a source of controversy for the White House after being involved in several biting incidents since Biden took office in January, including a string of eight days in a row in which Major bit a Secret Service agent.

Consulted with dog trainers, animal behaviorists and veterinarians? How many people were put on this case?

5 thoughts on “White House reshuffles pet roster”

  1. Joe shouldn’t be allowed near a pet, or near little kids. He’s senile and wasn’t it Major who he chased through his house and pulled his tail? As for kids, we know he likes to “sniff” and grope them, he has no boundaries! When you adopt a pet, you make a commitment to care for it for its lifetime. We know Biden is a disaster as President, and he’s the same as a pet owner.

  2. I hope the new German Shepherd pup will be trained properly. I have had two German Shepherds. They are beautiful, intelligent dogs who can be well behaved and loyal family members when they are well trained.

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