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Biden Schedule | Saturday, December 1, 2021

President Biden is in Wilmington, Delaware. He has no publicly scheduled events.


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8 thoughts on “Biden Schedule | Saturday, December 1, 2021”

  1. The useless local Philly NBC news station had a segment explaining why senile Biden was in Delaware this weekend… (every other weekend he is hiding in Delaware they say/report NOTHING)…apparently this weekend was the ’49th anniversary of his first wife deadly car accident’
    WHO CARES???

      1. …yet in the ‘history’ of slow Joe everyone refuses to look into all the stories about Joe having an affair with Jill, at the time of first wife accident, when Jill was a family friend and working on his Senate campaign in Delaware.

        All of those rumors/stories about Joe are know and unspoken here in Delaware… -lol

    1. Yes, I saw their little family photo op at the Daily Mail. Jill went to church with him, for a change. Some of the grandkids too. Hunter was there sans wife but with his toddler. That’s the toddler son, not the illegitimate toddler daughter who he refuses to acknowledge or meet. Such a lovely family.

  2. What the President does in his private time is his business, including mourning the loss of family members. The part that irks many people is that he has SO much private time, you wonder why? And in the past there are so many lame excuses as to his weekend schedule. Mourning the loss of family is honorable and to be respected. But eyebrows still rise.


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