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Biden halts plan to pay illegal immigrants $450,000

Looks like it has occurred to the Biden administration that transferring massive amounts of citizens’ hard-earned money to people who came here illegally.

According to the Washington Times:

The federal government has pulled out of negotiations to pay massive settlements to illegal immigrant families separated at the border during the Trump administration, attorneys for the families said Thursday.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which had been leading negotiations on the reported $450,000 payments, said the talks have ended though it didn’t know why.

“It’s hard to understand DOJ’s decision other than it was influenced by political considerations,” Lee Gelernt, an ACLU lawyer, told The Associated Press.

The Justice Department confirmed the breakdown.

“While the parties have been unable to reach a global settlement agreement at this time, we remain committed to engaging with the plaintiffs and to bringing justice to the victims of this abhorrent policy,” the department said.

Immigrant rights activists called the move an act of “political cowardice.”

4 thoughts on “Biden halts plan to pay illegal immigrants $450,000”

  1. If the administration could have done this quietly behind the scenes, it would have happened. They only pulled out because the plan was exposed and became public.

  2. immigrant rights. justice. NO. Never.
    They are criminals here in the USA, the only right they have is a safe deportation back to their homeland or to the border they illegally crossed to get here.
    That is justice.
    They have no right to American taxpayer’s money, none.
    The Biden minions love to give money to everyone but the people who earned it and wish they could keep it for their own family.

  3. Don’t be surprised if it’s happening under our noses, and being told it isn’t.

    My confidence in their actions and words towards this administration is very shaky.

    Perhaps that’s what part of the build back better was about.

    1. Yes, because now each “case” will be decided individually. Over 950 “migrant” parents have filed lawsuits. One hopes that US juries &/or judges will hold the line and just say no to these illegal and probably illegitimate border crosser’s fraudulent claims.

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