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WashPost charges Trump with profiteering off presidency without mentioning Obamas, Clintons

Leave it to the liberal media to omit pertinent information that interferes with their storyline.

According to the Washington Post, Donald Trump invented the art of making money off the presidency:

Since Trump returned from his New Jersey club to Palm Beach, Fla., this fall, Mar-a-Lago has become a hotbed for Republican fundraisers, with candidates jockeying to line the former president’s pockets in hopes of winning his endorsement, get a photo with him or simply give donors a chance to be in his presence.

The surge in business at his private club spotlights the unparalleled way in which Trump has personally profited from his presidency and his popularity in the GOP — a revenue stream that began during his time in the White House and has only strengthened since he left office. Rather than hosting fellow Republicans, Trump is charging them for the privilege of using his venues.

So how is it that both the Clintons and Obamas are multimillionaires? Did they start a business and make something? No, they’re trading off the presidency through books, foundations, speaking engagements, and so on.

Trump’s hosting of fundraisers for a price at his properties is, last time anyone checked, a legal business. And, it’s one that employs a lot more people than the methods the Obamas and the Clintons have used to rake in their cash. What’s more, the percentage of income from these events that actually accrues personally to Trump is probably a lot less than the payments being made to his Democratic predecessors in the White House.

This is what people mean when they talk about bias in the media.

3 thoughts on “WashPost charges Trump with profiteering off presidency without mentioning Obamas, Clintons”

  1. The Clintons, the Obamas, and a multitude of other political elites have lived off the taxes paid by people who actually work for a living.
    Donald Trump earned every dollar he ever made as a businessman. He lost some, won some, but he was never the recipient of any taxpayer’s money.

    1. Totally. Also, did Clinton, Obama, Bush give up their salaries while President?

      When the MSM plays favorites, they are #MSM_YouKnowWhat.

      MSM is bringing down America. They are trying to set the narrative and manipulate the public. When the book is written . . . . . . .

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