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Voters blame Biden for inflation: poll

The White House is selling the line that business greed is driving inflation. People do believe that, according to a new poll from Fox Business. But the problem for President Trump is that, just because they think so, it doesn’t mean they don’t blame him too.

According to Fox Business:

Voters are worried about inflation — and they think the White House is making it worse.

A new Fox Business poll finds that when it comes to rising prices, twice as many think the Biden administration’s actions are hurting rather than helping.

In addition, by a 25-point margin, voters believe President Biden’s proposed social spending plan would push inflation higher and by 6 points they think it would hurt the economy . . .

About 4 in 10 say inflation is the biggest issue facing the economy. That’s more than double the number who say the deficit or income inequality. Fewer than 1 in 10 say supply chain issues, labor shortages, government regulations, or big tech monopolies.

Two-thirds think Biden’s leadership is at least somewhat responsible for inflation — and about the same number blame regular economic cycles. Larger and roughly equivalent majorities blame the pandemic, government spending and regulations, and company price gouging.

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