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Video | NIH Director sings song he wrote about Covid-19

This happened. And now, somehow, we have to put our lives back together and move on.

2 thoughts on “Video | NIH Director sings song he wrote about Covid-19”

  1. Now, again, in Mandarin!


    Is this really real? Is it me or is anyone else actually embarrassed for this man… the insensitivity is astounding.

  2. Every American needs to listen to Joe Rogan’s recent interview with Dr. Peter McCullough about COVID, lockdowns, vaccines, and the squelching of available medications to treat COVID. It is the most disturbing interview I’ve ever listened to.

    Our NIH, CDC, and other government entities are colluding with pharmaceutical companies to essentially let people die when there are cheap, available medications and vitamins that diminish COVID in its early stages. Period. This is no conspiracy. We are living out George Orwell’s prediction of authoritarian’s trying to keep their boot on our face forever.

    Francis Collins was the director of the NIH for years. He looks and talks like a knowledgeable intellectual. This guitar business just shows how clueless, unserious, and dumb he is.

    There should be term limits for government bureaucrats.

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