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Psaki blames the price of meat on ‘the greed of meat conglomerates’

The White House is trying to spin inflation by blaming it on corporate greed.

Meantime, back on planet earth, there are supply chain issues, the lack of action by the Fed, and vast new spending measures proposed and signed by President Biden that are actually causing inflation.

5 thoughts on “Psaki blames the price of meat on ‘the greed of meat conglomerates’”

  1. So “Big Meat” wasn’t greedy under Trump, but decided to suddenly become greedy on purpose as soon as Biden took office?

    She’s such an idiot.

  2. “Circle back” Psaki is a big liar like her boss!

    It isn’t just meat! Paper products, cleaning supplies, gas, etc everyone is greedy then! The dollar store isn’t the dollar store anymore.

    The greediest of them all are there in DC … trillions and trillions of unnecessary spending. That affects everyone globally more than the “greedy” companies.

  3. Why isn’t the press peppering her with follow up questions? The MSM is the ultimate group think organism, so why don’t they “group think” together and come up with some powerful, pertinent, follow-up QUESTIONS when Psaki tries to deflect on an issue.

    The MSM is like the parent who accepts every “reasonable” explanation their kid dishes out for having their hand in the cookie jar.

  4. Cream Cheese. yes, Cream Cheese.
    Big shortage…. darn cows. Did they go on strike, unemployment? Maybe its climate change or Bovine Covid.
    HolyBagels Bidenman, find us some cream cheese!


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