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Pelosi says Biden is ‘just perfect’

Oh no. Nancy is again thinking that we’re idiots.

Speaking at a dinner Tuesday evening for the Democratic National Committee, Pelosi said President Biden was “experienced” and “capable.” Well, he’s certainly experienced, but it’s not clear that that’s made him capable.

President Biden at the same event predicted victory for Democrats in the House in 2022, which showed that delusion was on the menu.

10 thoughts on “Pelosi says Biden is ‘just perfect’”

  1. Celtic Queen… Nancy reminds me of the Liar-in-Chief… a big liar!

    Biden is incapable, demented, and the worst thing that could have happened to America.

  2. Look at her… READING those words. When you speak from the heart, you don’t read it. And that lip smacking or gum readjusting thing… what is that about?. I know this is petty, but she could be the next face of Fixadent.


  3. The only way the Dems keep the House in 2022 is by employing the same vote-counting tactics they used for Biden last year. We can’t let that happen. If we get a straight vote, we’ll pick up 50-60 seats.

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