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Biden Joint Chiefs vice chair nominee agrees on need for ‘gender advisors’

President Biden continues woking up the military.

Adm. Chris Grady, the nominee for vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says using a gender advisor is part of ensuring a “safe and secure work environment” for the military.

What about going into battle? Seems like that might disrupt the notion of a safe work environment.

4 thoughts on “Biden Joint Chiefs vice chair nominee agrees on need for ‘gender advisors’”

  1. If we have to go into battle, we would lose.

    In his eight years, Obama succeeded in infiltrating all of our institutions (military, intelligence, big business, etc.), and this administration is finishing the job in destroying them. And with the woke youth of today poised to be tomorrow’s leaders, it’s only going to get worse.

    1. Being a US Navy Veteran (1994-1997) and History major… I honestly can say I look forward to today’s woke-politically correct-weak “US Military” getting its/our ass kicked in the next major war (US v China in Taiwan next 10yrs?)
      Being a Veteran I blame all the weak, cowardly Generals & Admirals from the past 30 years who refused to publicly resign and call out all this woke-politically correct b#ll-sh#t that has corrupted and weakened the once proud US Military.

  2. Grady keeps looking down… inside he is thinking, WTF am I getting into.
    He is thinking, hey, I may be a “plus” sized guy, but am I really supposed to put a “+” after my name… ha ha


  3. The incompetent ideologues now running this country perceive only one enemy — the American people. They will roll over anytime for Russia, China, Iran, even Lower Slobbovia. But for them, every day is January 6th.

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