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Video | Kamala Harris’ massive motorcade

This was a few weeks ago in Paris.

What is the cost of all this? Is it worth sending her on these expeditions when she lack either the ability or the authority to engage in serious talks with foreign leaders?

3 thoughts on “Video | Kamala Harris’ massive motorcade”

  1. Unbelievable! We must also remember that at one point she stopped to shop along the way buying copper pieces to the tune of $500 plus. What a waste of the tax payers dollars.

  2. Not a defense, but an explanation:
    1. She could be the next POTUS at any moment.
    2. Paris is a hotbed of terrorists, and other coo coo groups.
    3. Better safe than sorry must be the deciding matter.

    1. I’m getting tired of us treating the President, and now evidently the Vice President, as if they were a Roman Emperor. It’s time to be a little more humble. You can be safe with a couple less SUVs. Also, if we quit sticking our noses in everybody‚Äôs business we might have fewer enemies.

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