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Public trust in Biden pandemic response dropping just as Omicron hits

Even though President Biden’s ratings on fighting Covid are better than his polling in other areas, half the country doesn’t think he’s handling the job.

According to Fox News:

The omicron variant’s seemingly inevitable spread in the United States could prove disastrous for President Biden, who has seen his pandemic approval numbers sink to negative territory in the most recent polling.

“The new omicron variant is a real threat to Biden’s standing with the public,” Ipsos president of U.S. public affairs Clifford Young told Fox News on Tuesday. “He won the election on COVID, surfed the COVID wave for the first part of the year and was hurt by the Delta variant. Omicron could further weaken the president heading into the midterms.”

Young’s comments came after the most recent Fox News polling shows Biden underwater by one point when it comes to his handling of the pandemic, with 48% of respondents saying they approve his handling and 49% saying they disapprove . . .

Six months ago, Biden was in the positive on his handling of the pandemic by 30 points, 64-34%.

6 thoughts on “Public trust in Biden pandemic response dropping just as Omicron hits”

  1. The other day, Biden used the word PANIC in his comments. As in, do not panic.
    No leader ever utters that word because the word itself invokes strong emotion and hence, panic where there would be none.
    Not sure if it was scripted or off the cuff, but either way, it sounded ominous.

    Tomorrow he launches his “plan” for omicron. Ok WHD folks, each get three stabs at the plan. Let er rip.


  2. During the campaign, Biden said, “I will shut down the virus” — it has become his “read my lips” moment.

    He’s failed. It’s that simple.

  3. Biden lied, people died, it is just that simple. Where is the lame stream media, MaxiPad Waters, Botox Nan et al screaming there is blood on Lying Biden’s hands? I am waiting.

  4. Alright Harvey… I predict Lying Biden will try to shut down the country despite promising not to. At which point people will be on the street protesting against the Liar-in-Chief!

    Option #2, which I hope becomes reality, he fires Lying Fauci. We can all celebrate the holidays in style!

    I think we should keep an eye on the Wuhan-19er and all it’s variations, but “come on, man” we gotta keep on livin’!!

    I keep thinking it’ll be the year 2050 and the top news item will still be the Wuhan virus!

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