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Biden suddenly cancels planned remarks

This is very unusual. The White House gave a weak excuse, saying Biden wanted to spend more time hanging out with business types. Was the now-79-year-old President Biden for some reason not feeling up to make the remarks?

According to Fox News:

President Biden abruptly canceled plans Monday to address the supply chain issues to the nation following his COVID-19 remarks.

According to the White House schedule, Biden was scheduled to speak on “his Administration’s work to strengthen the nation’s supply chains, lower everyday costs for families, and ensure that shelves are well-stocked this holiday season.”

However, fifteen minutes prior to Biden’s scheduled remarks, the White House announced to the press poll that the president’s address was canceled.

“The President will no longer deliver remarks following his meeting with CEOs. These remarks will be delivered on Wednesday, Dec. 1,” the statement reads.

Biden officials explained the cancellation was because the president wanted time to meet with business leaders who were visiting the White House.

7 thoughts on “Biden suddenly cancels planned remarks”

  1. I think Biden got an ear full from the CEOs about the “looting” I mean “smash and grab” occurring in their stores in the Democrat led states!

    What do I know… though!

  2. Also, his Covid “remarks” from earlier in the day were a disaster, with him offering up pearls of wisdom like this . . .

    “I encourage everyone to wear a mask when they’re indoors in a crowded circumstance like we are right now, unless you’re eating or speaking in a microphone.”

    (Of course, he was caught shopping indoors without a mask over the weekend.)

    His handlers might have wanted to limit the damage for one day.

  3. Just guessing here, but my grandmom had a piece of Dresden china that wouldn’t break as easily as this husk we’re supposed to call Mr. President.

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