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Sexism alert! Doug Emhoff not helping out with the cooking on Thanksgiving!

Okay, who cares?

But imagine of Donald Trump noted that Melania would be doing the cooking on Thanksgiving.

Anyway, Second Gentlemen Doug Emhoff was no doubt told to mention that Vice President Harris would be in the kitchen Thursday. Harris’ new handlers must think it will humanize her or do something else to help her tanking approval ratings.

6 thoughts on “Sexism alert! Doug Emhoff not helping out with the cooking on Thanksgiving!”

  1. Honestly, it doesn’t do anything in my opinion for her rating. It only makes her appear more fake and attention seeking.

    If she was a second coming of Julia Childs that wouldn’t make her presidential material.

    This administration makes me think of one thing…

    “Let’s go, Brandon!”

  2. I wonder how many people like me — smart enough to know all the 50 states — all the Presidents in history –at least the last 70 years of VPs.. etc… had no idea who the heck (let me look to get the spelling correct) Doug Emhoff is?

    Am I the only one?

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