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White House refuses to apologize for Biden suggesting Rittenhouse is a white supremacist

Watch White House press secretary Jen Psaki dodge and weave here.

A Joe Biden 2020 campaign video included video of Kyle Rittenhouse as an example of white supremacy. A jury said he was innocent of murdering the white people he was charged with killing. But President Biden doesn’t care, and doesn’t like the verdict.

6 thoughts on “White House refuses to apologize for Biden suggesting Rittenhouse is a white supremacist”

  1. Lucky him, Thanksgiving is around the corner and this will soon pass for President Dufus.

    Unfortunately for us, it’ll soon be something else.

  2. The woman has an uncanny ability to finagle words. The press corps must be snickering behind their masks. I just wonder, when she is done and leaves the room, does she actually pat herself on the back, job well done? Yikes.


  3. There is a special place in Hell for Jen “hackey” Psaki…and all who serve in this corrupt, inept senile Biden regime.

    So Say We All.

  4. So what’s wrong with being a supremacist? I think the Pittsburgh Steelers are “football supremacists”. My Aunt Virginia was a “cookie supremacist”. Thousands of people with special skills enter State Fair contests every year to prove their canned peaches or sheared ship are the best, hundreds of young women enter ‘beauty contests’ to prove that they are better, prettier than all the rest. Every night , some ‘reality ‘ show is on TV where someones think they are supremacist singers or dancers or thinkers.
    Yes, we’re all thinking we might just be a supremacist something.
    So There.

  5. Every time I see this perverted dance, I’m reminded how purposely impotent our press is. Anyone, especially those charged with a higher calling, who ignores lies and corruption will age like the Dorian Gray painting. Not a good look.

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