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Video | Little girl successfully avoids the ‘Biden touch’

She was raised right.

5 thoughts on “Video | Little girl successfully avoids the ‘Biden touch’”

  1. Biden is the neighborhood’s “Uncle Joe” that everyone warns the kids not to bother or even talk to him.
    How do parents keep pushing their children in front of this this …….. I won’t say the word. We know what he’s like around children, why don’t they?

  2. He can see that the girl does not want to be approached, but does he comprehend that…NO. Pedophile Joe NEEDS to keep his hands to himself! What kind of mom puts their kids through these unwanted assaults? The guy is sick, in more ways than one.

  3. Maybe the Biden’s can host Andrew Cuomo at Nantucket this weekend and talk about the good old days, when touching was a political sport. Creepy.

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