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Video | Kamala Harris: Covid-19 has ‘exasperated’ health care disparities


She probably meant “exacerbated.”

She said:

Here’s the truth. Covid-19 did not invent health disparities. Just ask any health care professional. And she will tell you health disparities existed long before this virus reached our shores. Health disparities stem from broader systemic inequities. What covid-19 has done is expose these disparities and it has exasperated these disparities.

Covid-19 invents stuff? Who’s writing her material?

Harris was announcing that $1.5 billion will be spent to diversify the health care workforce and induce health care workers to serve low-income communities.

4 thoughts on “Video | Kamala Harris: Covid-19 has ‘exasperated’ health care disparities”

  1. Imagine is SNL was still a viable comedy show. What they could do with her antics.
    Bring back Roseann Roseannadana but with a Kamala twist… it would be great.


  2. The difference between her and Biden: Biden reads a script, she wings it. Both are embarrassing. How the hell does a country of such magnitude, intelligence and experience end up with this pair as leadership.


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