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Sen. Kamala Harris opposed Powell nomination to be Fed chair in 2018

Vice President Harris opposed the confirmation of Jerome Powell to be Fed chairmen when she was a senator just a few years ago.

And it is not like this was a mainstream view among Democrats. Only a dozen of the most leftist voted to oppose his nomination in January 2018. People like Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. The nomination was approved 84 to 13.

But that was then. The Biden-Harris marriage of convenience, done to ensure Biden’s election, dictates that she change her mind now when Biden makes a reasonable decision. If she does become president, as this Senate vote helps show, the radicals will be completely in charge. Not just mostly in charge.

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  1. She’s opposed to ‘this’, opposed to ‘that’, doesn’t approve of “this” and on and on. Is there anything she’s done or is in favor of being done that is positive (other than putting us in major debt forever)?

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