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Kamala Harris says Rittenhouse verdict shows criminal justice system unfair

On this, Vice President Harris finally offers an opinion that is not a simple recitation of known Biden administration policies.

But we could have guessed what she thought.

What is she suggesting here, that the jurors were biased or racist? And listen to her certitude. But of course, she’s afraid to take any questions, though she says she has some.

“I have questions about the verdict and the verdict really speaks for itself,” she said. “I’ve spent the majority of my career working to make the criminal justice system more equitable, and clearly, there’s a lot more work to do.”

14 thoughts on “Kamala Harris says Rittenhouse verdict shows criminal justice system unfair”

  1. I have long been a proponent of prosecutorial reform. The majority of prosecutors from Kamala Harris on down are not interested in justice, only notches in their belt. Talk to the Innocence Project.

    Like Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense attorney Mark Richards said: “A prosecutor is supposed to seek the truth. It’s not about winning. . . .”

    Rather than defunding the police, BLM should have been about REFORMING prosecution and FUNDING defense.

    1. Teresa, I agree with your last point and paragraph.

      Many of the district attorneys and their minions are politicians and thinking of higher offices.

    1. Yet they, and their sycophants in media continue to spread misinformation about about Kyle being a murderer. Funny that no one in the administration is talking about the victims of Waukesha, WI, or the repeat felon who purposely drove into the Christmas Parade trying to kill as many as possible.

  2. We have heard from both sides now. The young man is not guilty of murder, period.
    However, did he inflame the idiots who were planning on a fun night of destroying more parts of the city when he showed up with a large and visible firearm? We’ll never know the truth behind everything that happened that night.
    The bigger questions concern the local police who were absent from the scene of what was planned to be another night of destruction. If the police were there, doing their jobs, would this have happened at all, would this young man feel the need to arm himself, would the businessmen feel the need to hire people to protect their property> The list of ‘what ifs’ is endless.

    1. We know Kyle didn’t bring the gun across state lines. We know Governor Tony Evers failed to protect his fellow Wisconsinites by withholding police protection. We saw video footage that Kyle was attacked first, by four career criminals. We know that Kyle didn’t attack them first, he just finished the job, and for that I thank him.

    2. As usual, I agree with you srdem. If the Police are going to NOT keep the peace and back off and let anarchists have little riot parties, destroying public and private property, and adversely affecting people’s lives, then why not defund them? They’re not doing their jobs.

      If the police had been there, there would be no need for private citizens to think “maybe I should bring my favorite weapon and head down there and do the job”?

      This whole experience is because we, still, can’t say no to a passionate liberal. I don’t know why. Police leaders need to grow a pair?

  3. I thought she’s spent most of her “career” climbing the political ladder!

    Politicians should let the jury do their job and leave them alone. Their words affect some future jurist more than they realize, and I know I’m being naive right now.

  4. Yes Kamala, The verdict does indeed speak for itself. It means that EVERY American Citizen has the right to defend themself, from clear and present danger. Kyle Rittenhouse did what your own party won’t do, he protected American citizens!

  5. If Ms Harris maintains that this verdict displays an unfair judicial system, I will retort that her election to VP displays an unfair election system.

    There, … fixed it.


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