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Xi Jinping using Biden to cement position at home

It always seems like we are the supplicants, urging China to meet with us over global warming and trying to ratchet down tensions.

Meantime, Xi positions himself as Biden’s equal, helping solidify his power in China.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping has been manipulating tensions with the United States in order to fortify his position in Beijing, close observers of the China rivalry assess, culminating in the virtual summit with President Joe Biden this week.

“They just have a victory if they have a summit, and they look like they’re on an equal footing, and the U.S. is [the country] looking to find ways to soothe tensions,” the American Enterprise Institute’s Daniel Blumenthal, author of The China Nightmare, told the Washington Examiner.

That line of analysis places the meeting as the precious development in Xi’s desire for prestige at home and abroad. The communist strongman’s domestic political image centers on his pledge to bring about “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,” but the coronavirus pandemic and its attendant crises brought a halt to Xi’s foreign travel, even for major recent events such as the G-20 Summit in Rome and the climate conference in Glasgow.